… born out of a desire to create income for young mothers in rural Bangladesh, while allowing mothers bring their babies to work in the security of their villages.


The Pebble story all began 15 years ago when an enterprising young woman from the UK, married and moved to Bangladesh.  The young woman, Samantha Morshed,  had a baby and became aware of young women streaming into the garment factories every morning. She was saddened to learn that many of these women had babies back home in their villages, left for months at a time while their moms worked in the city. Lack of rural employment for women was putting the mothers in harmful situations and separating the babies from their mothers. Samantha resolved to change this, so she gathered a few women around her and taught them how to knit and crochet little rattles that could be sold in Western markets. She hoped this would grow and become an alternative source of income for women throughout Bangladesh. 15 years later, her dream has become a reality. More than 13,000 women are now employed making Pebble toys in their home villages. They walk to work, taking their babies with them. There they sit together, yarn spilling onto their laps as they hand-knit each heirloom Pebble toy. 


Pebble is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.